Jim in Rothera

Jim in Rothera is an archive artist, no future music for this artist will be made.

This is the container purely for post-Archasm music by Jim made during my time at Rothera, where I played in a band but made little in the way of electronic compositions.

However, these tunes might have caught my imagination, so again they're here for posterity!

Rothera Bunk Room (2018)

This was a simple piece put together in my bunk room in Rothera. Dead simple, but captured the BoC vibes of the place and the spectacular views that were a daily part of living in Rothera.

Tags: antarctic, electronica

Nights (2018)

A tune made during a night shift at Rothera, a very special time to be awake in Antarctica so I had to try making a tune!

Tags: antarctic, electronica

Pubic Synthesizer (2018)

This was the first tune I tried to make in Antarctica a long time after Archasm had slipped out of my life. Primarily started as an acid loop on the DC-3 moving between stations, it incorporates some seaside sounds from my time in the Falkland Islands...

Tags: acid, antarctic, electronica