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I work as a Research Software Engineer for the British Antarctic Survey (BAS). This is the third position I've held with BAS since 2016, the first of which saw me deployed to Antarctica over the course of several years (here's some photos if you're interested....) It was an amazing experience but I'm now very happily settled into the vibe of working with an aim of contributing some technical experience to the much needed pursuits of polar and climate science.

Before I worked for BAS, I worked vaguely around the field of DevOps, software engineering and building middleware infrastructures in a variety of industry sectors. Disillusioned with a constant drive for profit and shareholder satisfaction and yearning to do something exciting, I ended up in Antarctica thinking it'd be a nice jolly before returning to industry. Thankfully, something worked well and I've managed to carve a niche at BAS as a RSE by seeking to apply my years of industry experience and a never ending sense of idealism to research activities. This aligns with the values extolled as the guiding principles towards being an RSE, so I contribute as much as I can to developing the function and community at BAS, primarily through working with the BAS AI Lab.

In addition to technology, I spend my time cooking (and eating, obvs), reading about the world at large, watching and listening to music and news from around the world and trying to make sense of it all. I haven't managed it yet and am quite happy never getting to the bottom of it, lest I get bored. Oh, and I occasionally make music, but recently I've been more interested in playing instruments than recording anything!!!

To be clear, this is my personal site and all content, moaning, droning and idiotic rambling are purely mine to own.

About Inconsistent Records

I originally acquired this name to consider starting an independent netlabel for musicians who very rarely if at all ever release music. Alas, as inconsistent as my musical output is, so to is my inclination for creating websites, so I've only uploaded my own, very old tunes (as of writing) on here.

Since I'm very inconsistent at finishing music and thanks to the fact that the name "Inconsistent Records" works on many levels (I work with data, I'm perplexed by the world and its inconsistent approach towards pretty much everything!) I saw no good reason not to use this as my site generally...


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I hope you enjoy what you find here!

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