Archasm is an archive artist, no future music for this artist will be made.

From roughly 2000 up until about 2008 I used the name Archasm to introduce some shaky attempts with music to the world. Though I started a bit before that, everything for a long time was recorded to tape, CD or minidisc and I'm not even going to bother digging that stuff out.

I think the selection I've put together below accounts for at least as much as I can easily dig out digitally. There were some tunes that somehow got lost in the mists of time, or possibly they ended up on other peoples drives. The other things I have lying around truly are weird and I don't even really like listening to them for nostalgias sake! I enjoyed playing with synths, effects and later computer based production (from about 2005.) Though any idea of being doing anything with production was short lived in my idealistic phase (I really am better at using computers for coding), I did love playing around with all of this (and I still do!)

Please bear in mind some of these tunes are totally devoid of musical value and were definitely experimental!!! Also, the older you go, the less equipment I used, so there are some obviously raw sounds going on! ;-)

70 (2012 Live Recording)

A little ditty I made once on the phone, long after I'd trying to make music as Archasm, using an awesome little app called RD4 (I think it was even called RD3 back then...)

Tags: Acid, Techno, Live

013 (2011) Tags: Electronica

HGuv (2011) Tags: Bassy, Techno

Untitled (2011)

I think I made this glass-breaking-sampling tune after listening to Orbital's Meltdown soundtrack too much. I was a massive Orbital fan as a kid and I love that soundtrack...

Tags: Bassy, Techno

Hand in Hand (2008) Tags: Ambient, Electronic

Chasm, Dark (2008)

This was an attempt to make a sort of signature tune for Archasm, which ended up being very distinctly much heavier than anything I'd done before.

Tags: Heavy, Drum & Bass, Dark

Listening Patterns (ft. Tiff) (2008)

Something I made with a good friend, using a home made mic-stand and a completely knackered microphone!

Tags: Ambient, Trip-Hop

Unity (2007)

My favourite tune from a full album I put together, only two tunes I could face putting up here from the archive... ;)

Tags: Ambient, Glitch

020 (2007)

A misguided attempt to make an Orb-like dub track!

Tags: Dub, Random

006 (2007) Tags: Electronic

000 (2007) Tags: Ambient, Drum & Bass

O (2007)

A song for the moon, as someone once called it. Probably the nicest comment I ever had on a track!

Tags: Drumfunk, Atmospheric

001 (2006)

The next four tracks I think I made for the same EP, so they're all quite similar.

Tags: Bassy, Electronica

002 (2006) Tags: Bassy, Electronica

003 (2006) Tags: Drum & Bass, Random

004 (2006) Tags: Electronica

Mini Mix (2006 Live Recording)

A live set I prepared from a variety of tracks I worked on at the time.

Tags: Live

Through a Looking Glass (2006) Tags: Breakbeat

008 (2005) Tags: Ambient, Electronica

009 (2005)

For some unknown reason this track is probably my favourite of all the Archasm tracks. Fond memories I guess!

Tags: Ambient, Glitch

Auxilec Studio Set (2005 Live Recording)

Recording of an set I put together for the Auxilec electronic night in Leicester.

Tags: Electronica, Live

Life and Times of a Possum (2005) Tags: Ambient, Electronica, Random

Miximatosisized (2005) Tags: Ambient, Electronica

Double Yellow Lined (2005) Tags: Bassy, Techno

Say Hello to the Orange Monkey (2005) Tags: Random, Techno

Monotriangulation of the Brie (2005) Tags: Ambient, Electronica

Savolve (2005)

Some hawk based electronica I was actually happy with, unlike many of the weird electronic pieces I made in 2005. Definitely was inspired by Plaid around this time!

Tags: Electronica

Sprite (2005) Tags: Electronica, Random

Song #1 (2003)

One of only two tunes I'm willing to put up from before 2005, as everything was a bit too raw pre-2005... ;)

Tags: Drum & Bass

Song #7 (2003) Tags: Ambient, Electronica