Published on: 2020-08-28

Welcome to Jims Blog. As I’m sure is so often the way for a life-long techie, I’ve been intending on doing this for years and just never really gotten round to it.

I never really thought about what I might like to write!

My experience is rooted in software development and for years and years I worked in organisations that didn't allow or need me to create a public presence. As it is I am still employed in that manner, but thanks to lockdown and a desire to communicate anything that might be useful to someone, somewhere, I found the time to get round and do this.

I hope you enjoy this blog and find something useful along the way.

I hope I keep adding to it once it’s online! :-)

As of publishing this and the making this site post, I'm really just getting something in place to build on, so excuse the rough edges...


Please do leave a comment. I'm moderating them manually for the moment and the Isso project I'm finding slightly experimental, but AMAZING nonetheless. I won't reset the comments database now though, so feedback will be valued!